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18th June’19 Meeting Minutes

Sgt-at-arms Rtn. Jayant Hemdev collared President Rtn Ranjit Pratap, who called the 44th meeting of the RCM to order.

The Rotary invocation song was played. The President invited Probus Club members, visiting Rotarians, and guests introduced by members.

President Ranjit extended birthday/wedding greetings to the respective Rotarians/spouses who celebrate that week and thanked them for their sunshine.

The President was pleased to inform members that our club’s participation in the RI Convention was fascinating and very well-recognized in the RI, where the RCM displayed two stalls about our projects, particularly the Water & Sanitation project. The President appreciated IPP PN Mohan for his efforts and PDG S Krishnaswami for manning the stall. He said that many visitors have come forward to do project jointly, as well as to support in this cause. The President, particularly mentioned Rtn Ravi Raman for his support in the RI Convention, and for bringing Rotarians to our stalls. Also, the sightseeing trip was enjoyed by all and arranged by the embassy.

The President was glad to inform members that the targeted 656 toilets have been completed and only minor works are pending.

The President invited all for the Awards Nite on the 22nd evening, which will be a grand gala nite, meticulously arranged by Rtn Vikram Chesetty and Secy Rtn Prabha. This new concept of Past Presidents hosting the nite, was initiated by PP Rajendran Sabanayagam, which is a welcome sign for the club, he said.

The President requested members to attend the soft launch of the Rotary School at Perumbakkam on the 20th June’19 evening at 5 pm. The program will be short and DG Babu Peram with his district officials will grace the occasion with TCS dignitaries. The final launch will be done with the government officials in the next Rotary year, he told the members.
Secretary Rtn Prabha informed members that Ann. Parul Bhatt will display her home-made pickles at the reception for members to visit and taste. Also, PP Satyan Bhatt has donated Rs 5,000 to the club from the proceeds of the pickle sales.

Secy Rtn Prabha invited all for the Past Presidents RCM Awards Nite on the 22nd June’19 evening at the Hyatt.
She said that the official commencement at 7.30 pm; recognizing the contributors for this Rotary year with the evening dazzling with events and entertainment.

The 25th June’19 Tuesday meeting stands cancelled, she said.

The President thanked Rtn MCT P Chidambaram for his TRF donation of Rs 3,50,000 for the TTC project.

Rtn Sumit Kumar Kalra introduced today’s speaker General Vinod Saighal, retired from the Indian Army in 1995 from the post of Director General Military Training. Gen Saighal spoke on the topic ‘Terrorism in the subcontinent and its implications on India’.

Gen Saighal has held an assignment with the UN peacekeeping forces as well as had a tenure in Iran. He speaks several languages including French and Persian. Currently, he is the Executive Director of Eco Monitors Society, a non-governmental organization concerned with demography and ecology. After retirement, he founded the Movement for Restoration of Good Government. He has lectured extensively in India and abroad on several burning issues of the day.

General Saighal, with his rich experience and astute analysis, spoke about the aspects related to terrorism in various parts of the world and its impact on India. Later, he took questions from the floor.

The President presented a memento and our club’s 90-year history book to Gen Saighal on behalf of the RCM.

Rtn Rahul Saraogi thanked Gen Saighal for clearing the myths about terrorism and said that the bullet points were really food for thought and a lot to ponder over.

The meeting was then adjourned.


25th June – 1st July

  • 25th June – Rtn. PP KN Raja
  • 26th June – Rtn. Prabha Srinivasan
  • 26th June – Ann.Madhubala (Rtn Mahendra Parmar)
  • 27th June – Rtn. Sunita Suresh
  • 27th June – Rtn. R Rajenderan
  • 27th June – Ann.Shalini (Rtn Vineet Prakash Munjal)
  • 28th June – Rtn. Indrani Krishnaier
  • 29th June – Rtn. Vikram Chesetty
  • 1st July – Rtn. Gowri R Shanker
  • 1st July – Rtn. J Venkataramana
  • 1st July – Ann.Jayanthy (Rtn PP NK Gopinath)
  • 1st July – Ann.R Aruna Sree (Rtn S Ravi)

2nd July – 8th July

  • 2nd July – Rtn. Ashok Banerjee
  • 4th July – Rtn. N Ramji
  • 4th July – Ann.Deepa (Rtn Sathiaram Ram)
  • 5th July – Rtn. Suniel U Lulla
  • 5th July – AK Rajkumar
  • 7th July – Rtn. Mahinder Jain
  • 8th July – Rtn. Anand Vurgese
  • 8th July – Ann.Parul (Rtn PP Satyan Bhatt)


25th June – 1st July

  • 25th June – Rtn. R Baba Shankar – Ann.Bhanumathi
  • 25th June – Rtn. PP KK Raman – Ann.Meenakshi
  • 28th June – Rtn. K Jayaramakrishnan – Ann.Jayashri
  • 28th June – Rtn. PDG S Krishnaswami – Ann.Janak
  • 28th June – Rtn. S Balakrishna – Ann. Sangeeta
  • 30th June – Rtn. VS Narasimhan – Ann. Mridula
  • 1st July – Rtn. Dr Gauthamadas Udipi – Ann. Rajashree
  • 1st July – Rtn. PV Mohan Raman – Ann. Padma

2nd July – 8th July

  • 3rd July – Rtn. Rajit Mhetras – Ann.Sheetal
  • 4th July – Pres Rtn. Ranjit Pratap – Ann.Uma
  • 4th July – Rtn. Shankar Jalan – Ann.Renu
  • 4th July – Rtn. VM Sivasubramaniam – Ann.Suseela
  • 5th July – Rtn. Dr H Krishna Hande – Ann.Dr Indira
  • 7th July – Rtn. Ravi Moorthy – Ann.Narayani


25th June – 1st July

  • Rtn. SB Goenka – Rs. 2,000
  • Rtn. PP KK Raman – Rs. 2,000
  • Rtn. M Srinivasan – Rs. 1,000
  • Rtn. Lala Mathai – Rs. 2,000
  • Rtn. Dr B Ramachandran – Rs. 1,000
  • Rtn. MCT P Chidambaram – Rs. 1,001
  • Rtn. Harish Dhingra – Rs. 2,000

2nd July – 8th July

  • Rtn. J Venkataramana – Rs. 1,000
  • Rtn. PP NK Gopinath – Rs. 2,000
  • Rtn. PDG S Krishnaswami – Rs. 1,000
  • Rtn. PV Mohan Raman – Rs. 1,000

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