Boys Town

The Rotary Club of Madras Boys Residential Facility at Gummudipoondi, is a concept the Club initiated in partnership with the International Children’s Trust, UK. On 13th October 1988 the project was inaugurated in a rented home near Redhills, Tamilnadu. It began small but was backed by a huge vision.
The primary aim of the project is to rehabilitate and empower disadvantaged rural youth and enable them to realize their inherent potential, irrespective of, the caste, creed or religion they are born into. All boys who are sheltered under the program come from neighbouring villages. They hail from financially insecure families, who are unable to provide good nutrition and healthcare to their children.  The boys often face communal discrimination as well. Further, their families are wracked by social ills like alcoholism, domestic violence and child abuse.

The beginning of the solution is to first remove the child from his hostile surroundings and usher him into our club’s welcoming Boys Residential facility at Gummidipundi. Here they can expect to be nourished with the loving care which their parents, even if they so desired, are unable to provide. An immediate benefit for the child is the improvement in nutrition and health care. The new and positive atmosphere encourages the youngsters to enhance their academic performance. As the boys step into a new world of care and comfort, they become aware of their civic and social responsibilities and gradually learn to look beyond their immediate surroundings and primary needs; now, perhaps even to dream of a future which every middle class kid would take for granted; yet denied to them in their old surroundings. Aided by a program of counselling, the boys widen their horizons and start to think of going on to higher studies, after first completing their schooling, while still living at our Boys Town. After they complete their 10th and 12th Grade, the Club helps the boys to identify and join colleges or vocational training institutes. Further, the club arranges supplementary training in the use of computers and courses in spoken English; skills vital to garnering lucrative jobs.
We take great pride and pleasure in saying that our efforts have paid off handsomely and the vision has now become a reality. One of the Rotarians of Rotary Club of Madras, Mr.Markand Desai donated 14 Acres of Land in a village called Gummudipundi. Subsequently with the support of International Children Trust additional 20 acres were acquired.
Now Rotary Club of Madras has its own building here where over 70 boys are housed and looked after. They attend school nearby over and above boarding, lodging and schooling they have been receiving regular tuitions from qualified teachers. Regular yoga classes, physical education and music classes are conducted.
Boys who earlier did not have the chance to complete their education have now acquired valuable skills. Instead of toiling away as child labourers, the boys are now employed in regular and well-paying jobs. They now earn enough money to support their families and have started to accumulate assets like vehicles and houses. The boys have turned into role models for their societies looked up to alike, by their peers as well as their elders.
  • Average monthly income of the boys – Rs. 9,000 (US$150)
  • 90% of the boys support their parents directly
  • 15% have bought their own homes
  • 50% have purchased vehicles
Community Medical Centre
The Rotary Club of Madras envisages the establishment of a Community Medical Centre, equipped enough to serve a community of about 12,000 persons in the neighbourhood. A Doctor is on duty for a few hours every day. This is helping the villagers a lot as they do not have to travel far for medical treatment .
The plan is to expand this centre to include various medical facilities like Scan, X-ray, Laboratory, Eye care and equipment for screening and preliminary trauma care.
Organic Farm
An organic farm will be set up in an area of about 5 acres to serve both as a training platform for the boys as well as to contribute some fresh farm produce for in house consumption.
Rural Sports Complex
The Club proposes to set up a fully equipped sports complex, with a gymnasium, a regulation track and other facilities at a cost of Rs. 70 lakhs (approx. US$100,000). This complex is expected to be used by the boys of the Residential Block as well as boys from the High school and Community College as and when they are developed. Further it will be used to train 1000 rural youth in various sports.
Community College
A community college would be started in the third phase, offering certified courses in a variety of technical and non-technical disciplines to young men and also women. The courses would be designed keeping in view regulations prescribed by the Department of Employment and Training and I.T.I.

Senior Citizens Home

A Senior Citizens Home would be constructed with all facilities to address the special needs of aged people. The Home will accommodate about 50 people, chosen from the low income strata of society.
Also over 1500 sapling of various spices have been planted as part of our Go Green Project.
Besides the foregoing initiatives, in 2017-2018 Skill Development programme will commence here in addition to Selayur. Main focus will be on Construction Skills & Electronics for men and Tailoring, Computer, Candle making for women.
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