Women Empowerment at Sembakkam

In 1984 Sembakkam was added as a major project of the Rotary Club of Madras. From being a small nondescript village on the outer fringe of Chennai, it is today is a bustling suburb located on an arterial road linking South Chennai to Tambaram. Our center is located in the panchayat compound and is very popular among the local women.

Rotary Club of Madras has built a community hall and a play school which are used by the local people.

The Sembakkam centre runs two courses to train women from the local neighborhood. The tailoring course is about thirty years old and is very popular .Students are taught basic tailoring as well as an advanced course, the combined curriculum being completed over a six month period. On an average we teach around 200 women in a year. Women who finish this course start small tailoring units either in their home or in a small shop and they are able to run a successful business

On 2nd October 2012 The FORD DIGITAL LITERACY Center was inaugurated and it is the most sought after skill development course till date, where we train women on the basics of computer. Most women have studied only up to class 10 and as such are not employable. We train about 250 women each year in this centre. On completion many find jobs in local shops and establishments as data entry staff, whilst some are self-employed too!  Others go on to do more advanced training in computer applications.

The Sembakkam ladies are a proactive and enthusiastic group and they are eager to take part in all our initiatives.

Our club conducts regular Health camps, Awareness campaigns on Safety protocols, Hygiene and Sanitation, Eco Friendliness, Water Conservation, Legal Issues, Banking, English Speaking etc.,

All students belong to the economically backward section, and these courses are run free for them.

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