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Terrorism – the Inside View

General Vinod Saighal, retired from the Indian Army in 1995 from the post of Director General Military Training, spoke on the subject of ‘Terrorism in the subcontinent and its implications on India’ in our last RCM meeting…

Gen Vinod Saighal is the author of the internationally acclaimed book ‘Third Millennium Equipoise’. Additionally, he has authored ‘Restructuring South Asian Security’; ‘Restructuring Pakistan’; ‘Dealing with Global Terrorism’: ‘The Way Forward’; ‘Global Security Paradoxes: 2000-2020’; and ‘Revitalising Indian Democracy’. His first book was selected at the Caracas International Book Fair in November 2008 for a Spanish edition (title: ‘Equilibrio en el Tercer Milenio’). A Chinese e-edition was launched in five cities of China in 2016.

Gen Saighal said that this topic can’t be covered in the limited time given because of its complexity. According to the General, the global terrorism across the world did not start in Afghanistan or in Pakistan, Osama bin Laden, or the Al-Qaida. This was done mainly by the connections of Pakistan and Saudi, is his take. The CIA knew of this, he stated, but never passed this information. Also, Osama was looking to strike only within the reach of his network, but was finally made the culprit for the bombing of the twin buildings. Then this kind of terrorism was allowed by Pres. George Bush and his defense officials to continue, and they did not attempt to stop it, he stated.

The two main reasons for the strike is that Americans had the idea of foraying into the oil fields in the middle east and also 12 trillion dollars disappeared in the Pentagon, and the records vanished in the building strike.

General Saighal touched on important aspects relating to terrorism in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan. India has the capability to handle any situation that will be created by the neighboring countries, he said.

Gen Vinod then read out excerpts from material written by many authors in magazines, and also referred to the recent strike by terrorists in Srilanka. The General also touched upon many issues related to Europe and the terrorist activities prevailing there.

Later, Gen Vinod took questions from the floor and answered them interestingly, with facts.

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